Lioness Magazine - Normally, I’m a proponent that children are better seen than heard, but sometimes they have some inspirational things to say.

Experian - Saving money is like exercising; we know it’s good for us, but most of us don’t do it nearly as often as we should.

Experian - As a business advisor, I work with a variety of people. When they find out I am also a personal finance expert, I get a lot of questions about their personal financial situations.  

MassLive - When you build something that hasn't been built before, you encounter iterations and pivots. Iterations are small changes, and in MGM's world, pivots generate headlines. 

MassLive - Valley Fest is more than a celebration of craft beer. Valley Fest is evidence of Springfield's ongoing entrepreneurial renaissance. 

Lioness Magazine - Treat people how you want to be treated. You want to shit on them, don't be upset when they shit on you. 

PVPC - Three years ago(ish), I walked into a conference room at Bulkley, Richardson and Gelinas for a Valley Venture Mentors Meeting.  I couldn't tell you how I wound-up there, but I’m glad I did.

peopleG2 - Studies have shown what many people believe to be true. Employee engagement can help drive success, and make employees willing to work harder and do more.

Fit Small Business - Thinking about starting a new business and need a business plan for yourself or the bank? You’ve come to the right place.  Here are 25 business plan tips from the pros. 

MassLive - Suit Up Springfield, a nonprofit that provides young men with professional clothing, cut the ribbon on its new storefront at a ceremony attended by numerous lawmakers and candidates for local office.  

WWLP - Thom Fox is interviewed by Juli McDonald about the uptick in youth entrepreneurship.

WHMP – Ira Bryck from the UMass Amherst Family Business Center interviews Thom Fox about his business advisory services, as well as how his experiences shaped his view of the world.

BusinessWest - Thom Fox gives his Show Floor Theater presentation titled “Nope, No Way, Never! How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking.”

Mass Appeal – Public speaking expert Thom Fox, shares his Top 5 Public Speaking Tips.

MassLive -  Business consultant Thom Fox will often hear business owners tell him that Western Massachusetts is a terrible place to make a go of it. But when he asks for specific reasons why it is so bad? "Crickets."

Mass Appeal – If you have the fear of public speaking, you are not alone, but with the right tools you can overcome your fear! Public speaking expert Thom Fox, shared some helpful advice.

WWLP - Many small business owners who are gaining momentum in this economic recovery share something in common. They had to in a sense recreate their brand post recession and it has to do with social media.

WHMP - Thom Fox is an entrepreneur and community leader; however, his life started out on a different path. He battled a variety of substances throughout his adolescence; the most challenging among them PCP. - Saturday morning AM radio sensation The Engine, which airs on NewsRadio 560 WHYN is set to take the FM airwaves by storm.


WWLP - Thom Fox, an entrepreneurial and economic consultant in the Springfield region, told 22News that student loan debt forces people to make decisions in life they may not have made otherwise.

Connecting Point - How can people change their story? How can someone take a negative experience and turn it into a positive? It can be done according to Thom Fox because he’s done it for himself. 

WWLP - One of the groups hit hardest by the economic recession and even still during the current recovery, are young adults known as the ‘millennial’ generation. And their struggles affect all of us.

WWLP - Millions of Americans have errors on their credit reports; those errors could deduct from your score, and cost you money in the long run by keeping you from qualifying for a low-interest loan.

CIO - Social media experts discuss the most common social networking business blunders and what companies can do to improve their social media IQ. 

WWLP - When choosing a college, experts advise students to ask themselves, ‘Will the cost of your degree be supported by the job you hope to get?’

 The Costco Connection - You've signed the paperwork, moved in, and had a toast to celebrate the purchase of your new home.  What's next? Six financial steps to take after buying a home.  

WWLP - Teens are making more private information “public” on social media according to the pew research study, but they may not be thinking about the risks attached to that kind of behavior.


Yahoo Finance - If you’re like most people, when you borrow money, you have every intention of paying it back. But then something happens. Whatever the reason, you find yourself unable to keep up with your payments. - Is it possible to get ahead of the payday loans and get credit back in good standing? If you’ve ever been stuck in the cycle of payday lending you may be wondering the same thing.


InvestmentClub360 - Financial dealings with the likes of Cousin Bob may sound tricky but, if handled properly, could end up being a winner for both you and Cousin Bob.

MassLive -  At one time, Horace Moses may have been best known as the president of the Strathmore Paper Co. in West Springfield, but his legacy is much bigger than that. In 1919, Moses founded Junior Achievement, the worldwide financial training program for young people.

WGGB - Twelve million Americans take out payday loans every year and while the typical high-interest payday loans are illegal here in Massachusetts, they can still sink Bay State residents deeper in debt.


MSN Money - When they're young, teach your kids how to seek the best prices on a new video game or pair of sneakers. It's also a good idea to require them to pay some or all of the cost of nonessential items.

The Huffington Post - You've made such a fine mess of your credit, it's now officially a nightmare. Then you see that ad on television with all the promises to make your credit squeaky clean again -- find the remote!

The Christian Science Monitor - For potential homeowners, the Fed’s new monetary policy move – nicknamed "Operation Twist," since it involves the Fed selling short-term securities to buy long-term bonds – is a boon. 

Forbes - People have the worst spending habits during the holidays, but if you plan your spending correctly, you can walk into the new year in great financial shape. 

Fox Business - I was a bit surprised to hear my credit card company representative tell me that because of the Credit CARD Act of 2009, she was not able to negotiate an interest rate reduction on my credit card.