Strategic Development 


What if you knew your product, service, or plan would be successful before it launched?  Thom works with business owners, start-up entrepreneurs, and nonprofit leaders to validate (or invalidate) revenue and/or profitability assumptions.

This process encourages organizations to: 

  • Build better products, 
  • Deliver more reliable services, and 
  • Identify the best messaging and marketing channels. 

Through this examination, we gain a command of customer (or donor) interests, values, needs, and motivations. The more you know, the faster you grow!


Do you need some ‘extra horsepower’ to transform your ideas into reality?  Thom knows what it is like to feel as though you are one-inch away from growing your business; but, cannot figure-out what comes next. Even worse, once you know what to do, how exactly will you accomplish your goals (after all, you have a business to run)? Along with advice, Thom works alongside you sharing in the responsibilities of meeting your goals.  

He will work with you to produce actionable steps toward:

  • Increasing revenue, 
  • Reducing expenses, and 
  • Designing a foundation for sustainable growth.  

This is not your typical Coaching program; we work together to achieve results!

Organizational Retreats

What could you achieve if everyone in your organization were moving toward common goals? Thom's evidence-based facilitation process provides structure and direction to engage and discuss the most critical issues affecting your organization.

Through a combination of stakeholder interviews and experience, Thom develops customized nonprofit and corporate retreats which produce: 

  • Evidence-based strategies
  • Sustainability options
  • Growth opportunities

Thom can also provide an Action Plan outlining actions needed to reach the goals resulting from the Retreat, and provide structure for achieving outcomes.


Are you stuck; struggling to figure out something you just cannot wrap your head around? Well, Thom is a problem-solver, so you are in the right place. 

Some of his projects include:  

  • Conducted Voir Dire Focus Groups yielding multi-million dollar awards, 
  • Developed high-net-worth fundraising strategies, and 
  • Drafted business plans for startup entrepreneurs and established businesses.

Your FREE consultation may reveal he is not the best fit for your needs; but, chances are he know who is. If Thom cannot help, he will make his best efforts to connect you with a reliable resource.

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