As a speaker, Thom brings his problem-solving background to the stage, along with extensive keynote experience. He's delivered over 1,200 inspiring and impactful talks to tens of thousands of people across the United States. Thom has also shared his personal story in his TEDx Talk, How to Walk Through Hell with a Smile on Your Face.  If you’re seeking a dynamic speaker for your corporate function, Annual Conference, or professional development program, Thom is the speaker you’ve been looking for!

TEDxSpringfield - Thom Fox is an entrepreneur, community leader, and radio personality; however, his life started out on an altogether different path. He battled a variety of substances throughout his adolescence; the most challenging among them PCP. Under its influence, Thom has been stabbed, shot at, and left for dead on a handful of occasions.

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Popular Topics

The following are some of Thom’s more popular talks that have been delivered to conference audiences, Fortune 500’s, and nonprofits across the country. However, if you have something more specific in mind, his specialty is customizing engagements to the needs and desired outcomes of your organization.

Reflections from a Recovering A**hole

Like most executives, entrepreneurs, and sales-folk Thom Fox is hardwired to get stuff done. He's got a boatload of energy, a whole bunch of know-how, and the creativity to transform the seemingly-unachievable into reality.  However, along with those upsides were glaring downsides. Thom has taken what he’s learned and led Change Management programs inside Fortune 500 companies, coached CEO’s to deescalate their own level of a-holery, and worked to bring employees and customers closer together. In this talk, Thom covers how the behaviors that build us up can also hold us back, what to do about it, and why it’s absolutely, unequivocally, never-ever-even-for-a-moment OK to be an A**hole! 

In this discussion, Thom shares how:

  • Ego destroys an organization’s productivity

  • Getting a handle on impatience supercharges your employees

  • Hiring the right people makes all the difference in a team’s success

  • Understanding what you’re great at, and what you SUCK at, transforms your ability to lead

How to Work with Humans: Harnessing the Power of Employees

You may think employees should be grateful to get a paycheck, but they’re dreaming of telling you to deposit that logic where the sun don’t shine. Each year companies lose billions of dollars in productivity and profits because of the ‘Us vs. Them’ mentality.  How is it we’ve come to forget employees are human beings with similar hopes and aspirations.  They want to contribute to growth and be rewarded for their efforts. When you view employees as assets, you harness a momentum few forces in the universe can stop.

This discussion will help small and mid-sized businesses:

  • Drive productivity gains

  • Accelerate revenue growth

  • Outperform the competition

  • Cultivate loyal employees

Want to Make More Money? All You Have To Do Is Ask!

When was the last time you had a heart-to-heart discussion with your customers? An open-ended, no-holds-barred dialogue where they told you what they loved about you… as well as what they thought you could do better. Tapping into customer’s motivations, frustrations, and decision-making processes unlocks the hidden potential trapped in every business. Want to Make More Money? All You Have To Do Is Ask! borrows leading-edge concepts from the entrepreneurial ecosystem to enhance profitability and increase revenue through customer development strategies. When you deliver what people want, avoid what they don’t, and charge what they're willing to pay, EVERYBODY WINS!

Participants will learn how to:

  • Take the pain out of growing your business

  • Master the secret to becoming indispensable to customers

  • Develop a process for sustainable competitive advantage

  • Build a validated plan to increase revenue

Nonproficadabra: The Magic of Doing More with Less

Does the following sound familiar? You’re constantly on the hunt for funding. You manage limited resources and small staffs. And, you focus on making significant changes to the community. Believe it or not, these pain points are similar throughout nonprofits and startup companies across the country. Nonproficadabra: The Magic of Doing More with Less shares how entrepreneurs achieve sustainability despite these tremendous challenges. The philosophy of doing more with less has never been more alive, and the entrepreneurial ecosystem has developed a formula that can help every nonprofit thrive.

Participants will learn:

  • Creating a strategic brand is critical to fundraising success

  • Hiring ‘right’ is better than hiring ‘a body’

  • Growth takes focus

  • You’re more like a business than you think  

How to Build a Board of Directors That Gets Things Done!

We can all benefit from a fresh start. Movie franchises and businesses have rebooted to great success. Nonprofits can do the same. This ‘freshening up’ begins at the board level by overcoming one of the largest challenges of a nonprofit – the dreaded 80/20 rule (80% of the work gets done by 20% of the board members.) This creates a tremendous amount of inefficiency, and missed opportunities. How to Build a Board That Gets Things Done provides nonprofit executive directors, and board members, with action-oriented advice on how to build a high-functioning Board of Directors.

 Participants will learn:

  • Why boards fail (and how to recover)

  • How to engage ‘ideal’ board candidates

  • Tactics to super-charge your board

  • Simple processes to drive board member engagement

Your Business: Lean and Mean

It’s not rocket science.  Providing the highest value (in exchange for a handsome profit) results in a successful business.  Pop Quiz: Does that statement accurately describe your company? Think about it.  When was the last time you had a real discussion with a customer? An open-ended dialogue where they told why they loved about you… as well as what they thought you could do better.  Tapping into customer’s frustrations, motivations, and decision-making processes unlocks the hidden potential trapped in every business. Your Business: Lean and Mean borrows leading-edge concepts from the entrepreneurial ecosystem to increase revenue, and profit, through customer development strategies.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Build a hypothesis-based business model

  • Predict customer purchasing behaviors

  • Determine successful sales and marketing messaging

  • Become indispensable to customers

Nope, No Way, Never! How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Have you ever been asked to present in front of a group of people and replied, “Nope! No Way! Never!” Many charismatic speakers started out that way, and Thom Fox is one of them. Almost 20 years ago Thom was shoved on a stage and told to ‘figure it out’—so he did.  Since then, he has conducted over 1,200 workshops and keynote addresses nationwide.  In this workshop, Thom shares how he overcame shyness and gained the confidence to speak in front of over 43,000 audience members throughout his career. 

Participants will learn how to:

  • Overcome the fear of speaking

  • Develop a compelling story

  • Navigate your presentation

  • Win the crowd over

Audience Testimonials

“I reached out to Thom in the hopes of securing an engaging, unique speaker to energize our Sales Team at the beginning of a training event. We didn’t have a set theme in mind, we were simply hoping to start the day off with a little energy. What we got from Thom was a dynamic, thought-provoking, professionally irreverent discussion which was a perfect match for our group of former Chefs and independent workers. “ - Kara Bombard, Marketing Manager at Performance Foodservice

“I think people can truly relate to Thom and his honestly only makes people around the room connect with him even more. He gives off great energy and a go-getter drive. Some people just think about business and organizations differently....and Thom is one of them! A problem solver.” - Trista Hevey, Director of MBA Corporate Recruiting & Alumni Relations at UMass

“Looking for someone to ignite and inspire your audience? Thom Fox combines life experience, insightful business practices, and targeted advice to create a moving, engaging, and ultimately, educational experience for audiences. His unique approach and contagious energy are sure to captivate audiences of all ages.” - Angela Lussier, CEO of Angela Lussier Enterprises

"Thom Fox has an incredible story, connects to the audience, and shows how they too can make a transformative impact.  His irreverent style first catches people off guard, then makes them laugh, and finally helps them realize you don't have to be superman to make a difference." - Paul G. Silva, Executive Director of Valley Venture Mentors

"I first heard Thom Fox when he was the keynote speaker at a conference. His presence and presentation were immediately captivating. Thom delivers original content in a compelling way. He knows how to connect with his audience and make them a part of the story. As a speaker, Thom delivers a delicate balance of sincerity, vulnerability, wit, and wisdom. He gets "two thumbs up" from Swift River Coaching!" - Jeff Rock, Founder & Chief Insight Officer of Swift River Coaching, LLC

"Thom Fox has an amazing ability to span all generations during his public speaking! A gift that captivates everyone and holds their attention through his passion of life." - Dawn Creighton, Regional Director of Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM)

“I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Thom speak on several occasions and have co-presented with him as well.  He has a wonderful ability to connect with his audience, sharing his story and delivering his topic professionally and with sincerity.” - Liz Provo, Authorized Local Expert Constant Contact, Mass Marketing Resources

Partial List of Speaking Engagements

  • Affiliated Chambers of Commerce of Greater Springfield

  • Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce

  • Arizona State University

  • Association of Credit Counseling Professionals

  • Association of Fundraising Professionals.

  • Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies

  • Bruce Wells Scholar Upward Bound program at Clark University

  • Business Buddies: Grow Your Business With Co-Hosted Events

  • Elevate Everything! A Day of Learning for Non-Profits

  • Elms College

  • JumpStart Coalition

  • Life Domination Day

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Family Services

  • Nichols College

  • PodCamp Western Massachusetts

  • Proskauer Rose LLP

  • Ryder University

  • Springfield College

  • Tech Foundry

  • TEDxSpringfield

  • Valley Venture Mentors

  • Western Mass Business Expo

  • Western New England University

  • Westfield State University