Debra Boronski

A sustainable economy requires a lot of moving parts. In Western Massachusetts we have businesses and entrepreneurs which are the lifeblood to growth, as well as organizations such as the Economic Development Council, Chambers of Commerce, and Young Professional Society which add mobility to our momentum. We flourish when these parts move in unison; however, that doesn’t always happen. Debra Boronski knows all about the challenges that go into maintaining a vibrant economic infrastructure. Not only is Debra the Founder and President of the Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce, she is a candidate running for State Senate. For over 25 years she has dedicated her career to encouraging small business growth and making the lives of employees residing Western Massachusetts just a little bit easier. She’s also a Junior Achievement alumni who understands the importance of investing in our children. Debra shares her passion and vision in this Engine interview. Listen in to hear what happens when we all move in the same direction – spoiler, we get where we're going a heckuva lot quicker.