Lenore Anderson

As entrepreneurs, we constantly seek that work/life balance. Once we achieve that balance, what do we do with our free time?  We crash to recharge, do more work (if you’re like me), or try to get in a workout.  Well, Lenore Anderson shares some insight as to how we can make the most of our ‘life’ time.  Lenore owns Natural Vitality Studios in Easthampton. She offers a ton of services, some of which include natural health care & herbalism, detoxification & cleansing, Chinese medicine, 5 element acupressure, and spirit-body journeying.  There are also classes and retreats that help you harness your vitality. Lenore explains the benefits of holistic health and shares her own experiences as an entrepreneur. So, relax, listen to our interview, and then head over to her website to learn more.