Mee-Jung Jang of Voncierge

Admittedly, I know very little about planning weddings. Even when I got married, my ex-wife did all the planning – I just showed up (and I was late, which is probably a contributing factor as to why she’s my ex.) I was blown away to find out virtually all wedding vendors require appointments, and that they rely on the telephone as a major means of customer interaction. I mean, we have watches that can Tweet, but the wedding industry is operating in the Dark Ages? Enter Mee-Jung Jang’s Voncierge, which is a virtual wedding planner that takes the stress out of making your special day amazing. I met Mee-Jung (or MJ) at Valley Venture Mentors. Her online platform allows you to easily book all your appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and it’s FREE. That’s right, one resource where brides can schedule dress fittings, venue visits, or photographer interviews. Now that’s bringing the wedding industry into the new Millennium. MJ recently appeared on The Engine to tell us all about her revolutionary wedding planning site, and share insights of what it’s like to live inside a startup that experiences tremendous growth in a short amount of time. She discusses the importance of mentorship, tips and tricks when pitching your startup, and the stresses of seeking your 1st round of funding.  Don't miss her Engine interview.