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Onboarding begins at candidate contact, which is mind boggling that many brands use a dystopian approach in hiring.  Applicant Tracking Systems are the new gate keepers, and if your resume doesn’t have the right keywords… well, you might find yourself living ‘down by the river.’ I’ve been in the market for a new position for almost 6-months, and I share some of my experiences dealing with larger employers, recruiters, and Applicant Tracking Systems.  Much of what I’ve discovered is that common courtesy has gone out the window when it comes to hiring. Who am I to say so? Well, I’ve had the privilege of serving as a Talent Acquisition and Development consultant for several years, working inside Fortune 500 companies helping them to improve employee experience (and profitability).  In this broadcast, I also reflect on the major difference between talent and skill, the psychological aspect of the job search, and how many companies are losing talented people before they even have a chance to interview them.